Sweet. Crumbly. Moist. The perfect companion for morning coffee and or anytime goodness!

The exact origin of these crumbly quick breads is not known, but they were first referred to in print by a British poet in 1513.  Our amazing English Scones are crafted using the highest quality all natural ingredients like sweet, creamy butter, buttermilk, whole eggs, plump fruits and mouth-watering spices…our English Scones showcase an array of classic flavor combos!  They’re sturdy on the outside…yet moist and soft inside, slightly crumbly, but oh-so-buttery with every bite.  Adorned with a light glaze, our deep-gold scones are as tasty as they are pretty and burst with sweet flavors and indulgent spices.  Toast them and release an alluring aroma, and then slather them with butter...or not…pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea or milk, and enjoy!  They taste just like our Grandmother used to make.

Available in Ready-to-Eat or Bake-N-Serve

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